What Does a DJ Do at a Wedding?

what does a dj do at a wedding

A wedding DJ is more than just a person who plays music at your wedding. They can provide a variety of services that will make your wedding exceptional. 

These are some of the things that a DJ does at a wedding:

Keeps Things Running

On your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure that everything gets done on time. That is precisely where your wedding DJ comes in. Even though you will likely have a planner or coordinator who will decide when to move into the next part of your wedding day timeline, your DJ can be a critical player in ensuring everyone knows what is going on. They can make announcements about the start of cocktail hour, bring attention to the entrance of the couple, and let guests know when the fun is winding down.

Give Your Guests Background Music

Having music throughout the reception when everyone is dancing is important, but what about during cocktail hour? Or during dinner? These moments need music as well, and that is where your DJ can step in. They can curate a playlist that will keep things exciting and vibrant without overwhelming guests as they socialize. This is fine line to walk, and it can be easy to forget about this as a couple who will likely be busy taking pictures and thanking guests during these times, but music is a key component of making sure the energy of your wedding doesn’t die down.

Bring Key Equipment

Your DJ will bring their own speakers, setup, microphones, as well as whatever else they may need. They may even bring their own lighting setup which can be critical for your entrance or first dance or speeches. All of this equipment would be a nightmare to rent on your own–especially if you already have a million other things to worry about and you’re not familiar with lighting and sound. This is not even considering what would happen if one of these pieces of equipment malfunctioned at your wedding. Your DJ will take care of all of that to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. 

Set the Mood

The best reception doesn’t have a single vibe the entire time–it ebbs and flows to give people a chance to get on the dance floor, recover and socialize, and then return to partying. Your DJ will know exactly how to get this done. Beyond just picking popular songs, they’ll determine what your taste in music is and play songs that cater to you and your crowd. They’ll make sure that no song falls flat so that your reception is memorable but not exhausting.

Serve as an MC

MC stands for Master of Ceremonies, and it is the most important role that your DJ will play on your wedding day. Not only will they make announcements about what is taking place next, but they will make sure that people pay attention. They will also take care of any awkward moments or hiccups, so you aren’t left fumbling at what to do. Because they are experienced in playing for wedding crowds and they do this constantly, they will not be as fased by mishaps as you might be, and they may just be the person that saves you from losing your cool when things don’t go as planned. 

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