Why Is Event Lighting Important?

why is event lighting important

Lighting can make or break an event. A corporate event where networking is the core focus will have a very different set of lighting needs than the launch of a new nightclub.

Without the proper lighting, you could completely ruin the atmosphere and end up with a corporate event feel for a nightclub opening or vice versa.

Here are the keys to great event lighting and why it is important:


Lighting serves a basic function: it lets you see what is going on. The right lighting can illuminate an MC or a performer or even a panel of experts. Chances are good that your event will require lighting to illuminate something important: an intimate dinner might use a couple of romantic candles to allow you to read the menu and see your table companion, a stage performance might use a spotlight to show the performers, and a convention might need lots of very bright ceiling lights to ensure vendors can be easily seen. 


Lighting does more than just make things brighter–it draws your attention. Directing a light at something particular will create focus which will tell your audience where you want their attention. You can even utilize lighting to create a backdrop for logos or sponsor branding. This tells your participants who is responsible for the event and focuses their attention in a different–but still very important–way.


Lighting can set a mood, which is critical for events. The mood is a much more subtle thing to achieve, which is why professionals are so necessary for setting the proper mood through lighting for an event. The right person will know how to use lighting for multiple functions, setting the mood while also drawing focus and illuminating the space.


This is another reason why a lighting professional can be so significant for an event. Lighting is more than just turning a switch or plugging in a lamp–the right combination of lights can create balance and make an event look more polished and professional. Without composition, lighting can look haphazard and accidental.

Best Event Lighting in Miami

Lighting has many purposes in any event, so it shouldn’t rank last on your planning to-dos. Entrust your lighting to the right professional that can look at all aspects of your event to select the proper lighting that will illuminate, focus, set the mood, and create the best composition possible. Contact RMP Entertainment for the best event lighting in Miami and all your other event planning needs.